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At ALAIDAROUS Advocates & Legal Consultants we have detailed knowledge of the ADGM Courts practice, our team combines international knowledge with ADGM experience to achieve a high standard of results and assist with commercial matters including ADGM Court Litigation, Financial services, Shareholder and Joint venture disputes, Insurance and Reinsurance, Professional Negligence & Fraud and Insolvency matters. Our team of in-house barristers has extensive experience in the ADGM and dispute resolution and can advise and manage all ADGM related enquires.

The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is a special financial free zone in the UAE that serves as a hub for international business and finance in the region. The ADGM has established specialised common law commercial courts, which operate in English and independently of the civil law onshore courts of the UAE and have jurisdiction over certain civil and commercial disputes. The ADGM Courts and its judiciary is broadly modelled on the English judicial system.

Our highly qualified team is able to assist clients at the early stage of a dispute arising, through to the very end, we offer full representation before the ADGM Courts. Our Firm has full rights of audience before the ADGM Courts to plead all types of cases from Commercial & Civil Division, Employment and Small Claims Division and appeals in the Civil Division. We regularly advise clients on various matters of jurisdiction, and enforcement of awards through to substantive issues for trial and appeal.

With the assistance of our ADGM team, our clients have been utilizing the benefits that the ADGM provides since its establishment in 2013. The ADGM is designed to be a financial free zone offering a unique, independent legal and regulatory framework in order to create an environment for growth, progress and economic development in the United Arab Emirates and the wider region. The ADGM has become increasingly popular with our clients, not only as a business hub but also for ADGM related court matters that fall into the jurisdiction. The option to litigate through the ADGM court has proven extremely useful to individual clients and companies from a commercial aspect, when choosing to litigate or have formalities reinforced at the ADGM courts and our in-house barristers are highly skilled to advise all clients on any matter that may fall under the ADGM courts’ remit.

Our team is able to advise clients on which jurisdiction their matter will fall in at any stage and should the ADGM not be the best option, our team of experts can advise on DIFC and UAE local laws as well as all forms of arbitration as alternatives. Our lawyers will advise on the best strategy to reach the objective of the client.


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Dubai Office

Oberoi Centre, 13th Floor,
Marasi Drive, Business Bay,
P.O. Box 33299, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

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Abu Dhabi Office

Abdullah Al Mulla Building,
M02, 39 Hameem Street,
Al Nahyan Area, P.O. Box 71284,
Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates

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