Hamada Ibrahim

Head of Execution and Court Coordinator



Hamada is a member of the Litigation team and Court Coordinator at the firm. He is responsible for registration of claims, attending hearings, reviewing cassations, and reviewing cases at all stages of claims. He has extensive knowledge of the policies and procedures of Courts, Public Prosecutions, Conciliation Committees and Rent Committees. With this experience Hamada supports and assists the firms’ lawyers during trials and proceedings. Prior to joining the firm, Hamada worked as an assistant consultant in various commercial and civil cases, rental and labor disputes, arbitration claims, as well as personal and penal status. He is also trained and registered in the schedule of lawyers who have the right to appear before the magistrates’ courts, first instance and administrative courts of the Egyptian State Council.

  • Bachelor’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law of the Beni Suef University, 2007
  • He is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association and Arab Lawyer’s Union (ALU)
  • Arabic – Native
  • English – Proficient