Trademark Usage Guidelines

Al Aidarous Advocates and Legal Consultants’ Strict Trademark Usage Guidelines Effective Date: September 2023


These Strict Trademark Usage Guidelines (“Guidelines”) are intended to provide clear instructions and unwavering adherence to the proper use of Al Aidarous Advocates and Legal Consultants’ trademarks, service marks, taglines and logos (collectively referred to as “Trademarks”). Consistent and proper usage of our Trademarks is crucial to maintaining their distinctiveness and legal protection.

By adhering to these Guidelines, you contribute to the strength and value of our brand identity as well as safeguarding the distinctiveness and legal protection of our Trademarks while respecting UAE laws and cultural norms. Any deviation from these Guidelines is strictly prohibited and will be subject to immediate corrective action.

Trademark Control

  • Ownership and Control: All Trademarks mentioned in these Guidelines are the sole and exclusive property of [Al Aidarous Advocates and Legal Consultants]. Unauthorized use is forbidden and will result in legal consequences.
  • Approval Mandate: Any use of Al Aidarous Advocates and Legal Consultants’ Trademarks requires explicit written approval from our authorized representative. Failure to obtain approval will result in legal action.

Proper Trademark Usage

  • Exact Representation: Trademarks must be represented exactly as registered. No alterations, modifications, or variations are allowed, including changes to spelling, spacing, or capitalization.
  • Trademark Symbols: Always use the appropriate trademark symbol (™ or ®) with Trademarks. Use ™ for unregistered marks and ® for registered marks. Place the symbol in superscript immediately following the Trademark.
  • Attribution: Include a trademark attribution statement at least once on materials where a Trademark is displayed. Full business name (i) Al Aidarous Advocates and Legal Consultants (ii) distinctive logo and recognizable slogan: “Local Insight. Global Relevance.” are the “trademark of Al Aidarous Advocates and Legal Consultants.”
  • Clear Distinction: Trademarks must be distinct from surrounding text and images. Use bold, italics, or color contrast to set them apart.
  • Prohibited Usage: Do not modify, abbreviate, or create acronyms from Trademarks. Do not use Trademarks in possessive or plural forms. Do not use Trademarks as verbs or generic terms.
  • Language Considerations: Ensure that Trademarks are appropriately translated for an Arabic-speaking audience while maintaining their distinctive identity.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural sensitivities in UAE. Avoid using Trademarks in a manner that may be considered disrespectful or offensive.
  • Zero Tolerance for Misuse: Any association of Trademarks with offensive, inappropriate, or controversial content is strictly forbidden.

Logo Usage

  • Logo Integrity: Do not alter, distort, or manipulate logos in any way. Maintain their proportions, colors, and design elements.
  • Clear Space: Maintain a clear space around logos to ensure visual clarity. No other graphic elements, text, or images should encroach on this space.
  • Logo Variations: Only approved variations of logos from official brand assets are allowed. Creating unauthorized logo versions will result in immediate action.
  • Arabic Translations: If applicable, use approved Arabic translations of logos as provided in official brand assets.
  • Preserve Clear Space: Maintain an unobstructed area around logos to ensure optimal visibility and to avoid any visual clutter.

Online and Print Usage

  • Digital Media: When using Trademarks online, hyperlink the Trademark to or the designated official online destination, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Printed Materials: Ensure precise high-quality reproduction of Trademarks in printed materials maintaining high quality and adhering to established design standards. Always use vector formats for logos.

Unauthorized Usage Consequence

  • Endorsement: Unauthorized use of our Trademarks in a manner that suggests endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship is strictly prohibited without explicit permission and adherence to UAE regulations. Any usage implying such endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship without written consent will lead to serious repercussions, up to and including legal actions.
  • Unauthorized utilization of our Trademarks in domain names, social media handles, or usernames is prohibited without proper authorization and adherence to UAE guidelines. Any unapproved usage of Trademarks in domain names, social media handles, or usernames will prompt swift and necessary corrective actions.


Al Aidarous Advocates and Legal Consultants will rigorously enforce these Guidelines and reserves the right to take appropriate legal action to prevent unauthorized or improper use of our Trademarks. Any deviation will be met with strict consequences, including legal action.

We may review usage periodically and act against non-compliance.

Contact Information

For inquiries related to Trademark usage and permissions, please contact:

[email protected]